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A Lighthouse

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The lighthouse near Chimney Rock is a big pile of rusty bones…and I love it. The ruddy hues are perfect for telling the history of each piece of equipment in the machine shop. The lighthouse itself is old, but the light house, like the vessel that holds the bulb and beams of light, is actually well preserved and shiny. A worthwhile trek down the 700+ stairs leading down to the landmark.




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Chimney Rock, Point Reyes

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I’ve been through the woods of and marshes of Point Reyes, but I’ve never been to Chimney Rock. The drive to the look-out is laden with farms from the late 1800’s with cows resting in their fields and birds swooping to and fro. I would give anything to live here. This stroll through green hills oversees elephant seal beaches and rocky shores. It’s completely picturesque and perfect for pondering.


Every time I look at this picture of Jared I start to sing the Beatles song “Fool on the Hill” – it seems to encompass how I think Jared perceives the world. He’s clearly a dreamer and has his own path.


Look at that rock? Isn’t it beautiful?! What a story it would tell. I think it’s funny that Jared and I both have an appreciation for the outdoors and especially rocks. I love learning about different types and how things formed and “why does this rock have orange moss?”, etc. Jared, of course, loves rocks too, but he generally likes to conquer them and be beaten by them. To each his own.


This picture represents my California; green, golden, rustic, and open. Yet another lovely day in Point Reyes.

p.s. thank you Ms. Adeline for your suggestion.

Growing and growing…

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Babies in three parts…


I’ve been loving these three since they popped out. All three have pooped on me, a sign of love I’m sure, and all three have a special spirit and gifts yet to be revealed. They make me laugh and drive me nuts. I love being their aunt and I hope I can be as good of a mother as their own.

…please stop growing.

This is the Place

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At 6:30am on Christmas morning we pulled up the icy driveway exhausted. We walked up to the house and stood on the doorstep, no lights. Jared called his dad with an answer, “Hi son. What’s up?” – “We’re outside, can you open the door?” – (dad chuckles) “Really?” – door opens to a dumbfounded, half-dressed dad. This was the start of our surprise Christmas celebration in Utah.

After a couple naps we were ready to celebrate Christmas with the family. Jared got a new wallet, which he loves, and we gave the family a taste of California – two crabs and a loaf of sourdough.


We filled our week with traditions and new beginnings. We rounded up as many people that could be convinced that hiking in the snow was actually a great idea and headed up Adam’s Canyon. This year the waterfall was three-quarters frozen and amazingly beautiful. Imagine bleached-white icicles surrounded by yellow rock and blue sky. Luckily, for the non-hikers, the snow wasn’t that deep, but that meant icy paths and frequent slipping.


During our impromptu trip we were also able to go to the Salt Lake Temple with Jared’s parents. The rooms were beautiful, but I couldn’t resist day dreaming about the history of the structure; the sense of purpose and craft that is somewhat lost in modern architecture. The beehive door handles for goodness sake! (google it)

The tastiest day was when Jared and I got to “work”, or wear an apron and pretend to mix things, at Smokin’ Bones in Bountiful, Utah, open five days a week, also available for catering… Jared’s dad and brother-in-law opened this restaurant about 9 months ago. It’s full of delicious bbq and corn bread, oh the corn bread. The steak burger is my favorite thing, and so worth putting veganism on hold for, everyone must go.


Our trip included many other adventures and food favorites, insert lefse. We went climbing, naturally, saw many more family and friends, watched Walter Mitty (new favorite movie), and played with nieces and nephews. This was one of my favorite Christmas experiences. The love from parents and the happy feeling of being all together is unforgettable.

Cue Bing Crosby…

O Tannenbaum!

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Jared and I are trying to get a grasp on traditions. So far, we’re still in the planning stages. However, there are some Christmas habits that I just can’t kick. Examples: watching Home Alone, making fudge, and putting up a tree. I thought it would be nice to do Christmas cards, or buy a new ornament every year, but cards are time consuming and Ikea had adorable ornaments on sale last year and I think I’m set for life. Although, we do have a Yosemite bear ornament that is my absolute favorite.
I’m still trying to think of things we can do with our future family. I want my children to know that we celebrate Christmas because we celebrate the gift of the gospel on this earth. Through Christ’s birth we received the gift of repentance and salvation. He, in turn, asks us to share this gift with others. How can a family celebrate this gift? I’m not sure yet, but I’m really excited to show my future children this perspective. I also decided that we’ll only give three *gifts to our children each Christmas. I’m doing a test run on Jared this year and we’ll see how it goes. Babies and kids only like bubble wrap and cardboard boxes anyway, right?

*If you’re thinking gold, frankincense, and myrrh, get real. I’m not made out of money.

Grateful Heart

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Sometimes forces are against you and you have to leave it up to fate to sort things out. Jared and I bought plane tickets in June for Thanksgiving. We realized about a couple weeks before departure that our tickets were for the wrong dates. Why is Thanksgiving not on the 24th of November? Beats me. So, okay, we rebook our tickets and pay the fancy, expensive price instead of the well prepared months-in-advanced price. (Ugh!) 6:00am departure? Fine. But wait, no bus, no bart, or regular human will be up at 4:00am to drive us to the airport. What about airport parking? Full?! Okay, that’s cool. Shuttle? Yes?! One’s available?! Book it! 4:15am day of departure – “Where’s the shuttle?” 4:30am (about to cry) – shuttle pulls up saving us from missing our flight, saving me shame from bawling. We made it to Colorado just fine and all was well. Thanks fate!

Thanksgiving according to my niece:


…and the most adorable picture ever:


Uncle Jared rules. I really hope our nieces and nephews still think we’re the bomb when we’re older.

Jared and I got to spend time in Colorado with my whole family. We haven’t all been together since Jared and I got married two years ago. It was so great to have all our eclectic personalities together – we love each other, drive each other crazy, and have the best laughs.

Sledding garb:



It was incredible to have time off to do snow activities and live it up in Vail.

Jared thought we were doing the “put out” face. We were actually going for funny…
As you can see, the gang sign in my family is holding up 3 in sign language. It’s a pretty hard core move, I know.
I’m so grateful for my family and knowing we’ll all be together after this life.

For Sport: Amazing Face

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Gearing up for another lead climb. Here goes nothin’….


Mt. Diablo was one of the first places I went rock climbing with Jared. I remember being so nervous about falling. While leading the route this time I laughed at my old top-roping self because I was even more nervous than before. The route is super run-out, but as you go up you realize there are so many secret foot placements that you eventually make it up without realizing how.


After my victorious climb up Amazing Face, Jared decided to do this insane crack climb. I believe Jared stuck his hand in a bat cave during this climb, but the screeching could have been from any animal I guess.

Some serious rope burn. (Ouch!)


…and a glorious sunset to bid us farewell. Off to Colorado in the morning!

Magic, Golden

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November 3, 2013 Mr. Wood turned 33.

Celebration included:
-Trip to Yosemite
-Brunch in El Cap meadow
-First time lead climb, by yours truly
-Cake at Old Priest Cafe

Getting older is not so bad.