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Posted in Uncategorized by MW on January 1, 2014

At 6:30am on Christmas morning we pulled up the icy driveway exhausted. We walked up to the house and stood on the doorstep, no lights. Jared called his dad with an answer, “Hi son. What’s up?” – “We’re outside, can you open the door?” – (dad chuckles) “Really?” – door opens to a dumbfounded, half-dressed dad. This was the start of our surprise Christmas celebration in Utah.

After a couple naps we were ready to celebrate Christmas with the family. Jared got a new wallet, which he loves, and we gave the family a taste of California – two crabs and a loaf of sourdough.


We filled our week with traditions and new beginnings. We rounded up as many people that could be convinced that hiking in the snow was actually a great idea and headed up Adam’s Canyon. This year the waterfall was three-quarters frozen and amazingly beautiful. Imagine bleached-white icicles surrounded by yellow rock and blue sky. Luckily, for the non-hikers, the snow wasn’t that deep, but that meant icy paths and frequent slipping.


During our impromptu trip we were also able to go to the Salt Lake Temple with Jared’s parents. The rooms were beautiful, but I couldn’t resist day dreaming about the history of the structure; the sense of purpose and craft that is somewhat lost in modern architecture. The beehive door handles for goodness sake! (google it)

The tastiest day was when Jared and I got to “work”, or wear an apron and pretend to mix things, at Smokin’ Bones in Bountiful, Utah, open five days a week, also available for catering… Jared’s dad and brother-in-law opened this restaurant about 9 months ago. It’s full of delicious bbq and corn bread, oh the corn bread. The steak burger is my favorite thing, and so worth putting veganism on hold for, everyone must go.


Our trip included many other adventures and food favorites, insert lefse. We went climbing, naturally, saw many more family and friends, watched Walter Mitty (new favorite movie), and played with nieces and nephews. This was one of my favorite Christmas experiences. The love from parents and the happy feeling of being all together is unforgettable.

Cue Bing Crosby…


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  1. Brittney said, on January 30, 2014 at 9:49 am

    This is such a fun surprise. I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

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