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Chimney Rock, Point Reyes

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on January 11, 2014

I’ve been through the woods of and marshes of Point Reyes, but I’ve never been to Chimney Rock. The drive to the look-out is laden with farms from the late 1800’s with cows resting in their fields and birds swooping to and fro. I would give anything to live here. This stroll through green hills oversees elephant seal beaches and rocky shores. It’s completely picturesque and perfect for pondering.


Every time I look at this picture of Jared I start to sing the Beatles song “Fool on the Hill” – it seems to encompass how I think Jared perceives the world. He’s clearly a dreamer and has his own path.


Look at that rock? Isn’t it beautiful?! What a story it would tell. I think it’s funny that Jared and I both have an appreciation for the outdoors and especially rocks. I love learning about different types and how things formed and “why does this rock have orange moss?”, etc. Jared, of course, loves rocks too, but he generally likes to conquer them and be beaten by them. To each his own.


This picture represents my California; green, golden, rustic, and open. Yet another lovely day in Point Reyes.

p.s. thank you Ms. Adeline for your suggestion.


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