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Posted in Uncategorized by MW on December 2, 2013

Sometimes forces are against you and you have to leave it up to fate to sort things out. Jared and I bought plane tickets in June for Thanksgiving. We realized about a couple weeks before departure that our tickets were for the wrong dates. Why is Thanksgiving not on the 24th of November? Beats me. So, okay, we rebook our tickets and pay the fancy, expensive price instead of the well prepared months-in-advanced price. (Ugh!) 6:00am departure? Fine. But wait, no bus, no bart, or regular human will be up at 4:00am to drive us to the airport. What about airport parking? Full?! Okay, that’s cool. Shuttle? Yes?! One’s available?! Book it! 4:15am day of departure – “Where’s the shuttle?” 4:30am (about to cry) – shuttle pulls up saving us from missing our flight, saving me shame from bawling. We made it to Colorado just fine and all was well. Thanks fate!

Thanksgiving according to my niece:


…and the most adorable picture ever:


Uncle Jared rules. I really hope our nieces and nephews still think we’re the bomb when we’re older.

Jared and I got to spend time in Colorado with my whole family. We haven’t all been together since Jared and I got married two years ago. It was so great to have all our eclectic personalities together – we love each other, drive each other crazy, and have the best laughs.

Sledding garb:



It was incredible to have time off to do snow activities and live it up in Vail.

Jared thought we were doing the “put out” face. We were actually going for funny…
As you can see, the gang sign in my family is holding up 3 in sign language. It’s a pretty hard core move, I know.
I’m so grateful for my family and knowing we’ll all be together after this life.


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