Ladies & Gentlemen

National Explorers Day

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on November 20, 2013

…or Columbus Day…or Indigenous People’s Day…I prefer my title.

On this wonderful holiday celebrating exploration the government had to do something stupid and shutdown the parks. Typical. After reading the closed sign due to the shutdown we proceeded to go on our hike to Tomales Bay Point. The sun brilliantly shined over the rolling hills and sea. About a mile or so in we finally came upon the main attraction: elk. There was the king and then all of his hand maidens around him eating grass and basking. Just over the next hill there was a whole party of elk. It’s a bit frightening to see such big animals with four foot horns. I had a little anxiety that they would charge if we didn’t play by their rules and stick to the human path.

The very point of Tomales Bay is exceptionally beautiful. The water was sapphire blue and the algae shone lime green. We took our lunch at the very point and later ended up down at a beach with a great view of Bird Rock (just an island that birds live on…and poop on, I’m sure).


What a hike.
What a day.
What a sunset.



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