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Big Sur

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on November 20, 2013

During our first year, Jared and I bought our first tent. This is sort of like picking out a baby, if that’s how it worked. Jared researched tents for a few weeks, then when we finally got to the store we talked to an REI rep about tents and then once I approved the aesthetics and color, we finally made a purchase…right before the store closed. Now we have Big Agnus, Aggie for short. We love our tent. She doesn’t quite compensate for an actual child, but we hope we have her forever. This most recent trip with Aggie was to Big Sur with friends for some hardcore, car camping. It’s not everyday that we get to break out the hot chocolate and s’mores sticks. I was freakin’ excited to say the least.
Before everyone got there, Jared and I set up camp and headed to the ocean to check out some sea caves and marine life. The beach was mystical and foggy and we naturally ended climbing up some sea cliffs for fun and the spectacular view. The chill, the barreling waves, the intricate sandstone; it was all so great.

After our sea explorations we made it back to camp just in time to make dinner with the Lambert’s. Italian sausage with “grilled” veggies and a big (regrettable) helping of horseradish mustard. I think I cried throughout all of dinner. After that miserable experience, the Perry’s arrived with the dessert fixin’s – thank goodness! We roasted anything we could find and eventually made our sleepy way to our tents. The next morning was forest heaven; the smell of wet branches and the sound of the small drips of rain on the tent, simply lovely.
Once our leisurely breakfast was cleaned up we all headed out to start our hike. Buzzard’s Roost was the route of choice. The rain from the morning made everything damp and colorful and the hike was moderate enough to enjoy the surroundings. It was quite a way to spend the weekend.

p.s. What a handsome group…and Adeline is the cutest pregnant lady.
More news coverage on this event found here and here.


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  1. Brittney said, on November 21, 2013 at 9:57 am

    what a glorious weekend. thank you so much for inviting us.

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