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Peak Bagging: Cathedral Peak & Eichorn’s Pinnacle

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on November 16, 2013

June 15, 2013

Jared and I have our climbing process down to a T. We camp at Harden Flat, wake up before the crack of dawn, depending on the time of year, and drive into Yosemite. On the way to our climbing destination we scarf down a peanut butter and *nutella bagel sandwich and drink half a liter of water.We systematically pack our gear and head out on the trail.

On this particular cold, June morning in Tuloumne, our route of interest was Cathedral Peak. The ultimate peak baggers dream. The tippy top is just that, about a 2×4 foot flat top with a mesmerizing view of three lakes, mountain tops and valleys.This was on my bucket list since I first heard about this strange land called Tuloumne. Our climb was seamless and we bathed in the summer sun the entire time. As I approached the top I suddenly felt the rush of fear and heights and had to sit to take my picture on the top. It’s funny, as I’m climbing I’m working so hard sometimes I forget what’s below me (like 10, 000 feet). Even though the immediate thought of falling crept up on me, I could still enjoy the landscape.
After crushing Cathedral, Jared decided to jut up Eichorn’s Pinnacle for posterity’s sake. No lie, it’s a picturesque feat. As he took in the grandeur of the climb, I took pictures of the moss on the rocks (more my thing) and pondered about Mr. Muir and his adventures.

ce2What a way to spend a day…

*Side note: I have a love, hate relationship with nutella. After eating it constantly the thought of the chocolaty “goodness” becomes sickening. Curse its energy inducing chemicals.

p.s. I’m making up for lost time. I haven’t blogged in months. However, I assume that’s because we were out adventuring and didn’t have time.


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