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Sunshine State

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on June 10, 2013

Many moons ago my dad built a boat…with the help of his 5 adoring children (in some way or another). Her name is Melody and for the past 18(ish) years she’s resided in Panama/Cartagena.  She’s beautiful and carries many memories of my families trials, travels, and tender moments. Some include: hiding in cattails, catfish, throwing catfish, the dinghy, late night rummy games, jumping off the boat and landing on glass (and dad pouring (rubbing) alcohol straight on the cut), washing the bottom of the boat, no shoes inside, the Sacramento Delta, and so on.
After my dad passed away last March it was necessary to bring the boat from Panama to the States. Capitan Paola (my dear step mom)and her crew sailed Ms. Melody through the canal, the gulf, and the Atlantic, to New Smyrna Beach, FL. My older sister and her family and I had the chance to fly to FL for a little R&R and to reunite with Melody once again.
Our trip started out rough with a cancelled flight and a long day in Houston. We filled our time by playing in Walmart, eating ice cream, and going to Emergency Care. We eventually made it to Pensacola, FL and started the week long vacation. Our journey took us from the Handle to the Center of Florida. We went to my sisters graduation, the best beach in America (Pensacola Beach…the sand was soft like a cloud and the water was ridiculously warm…my dream come true), JB’s Fish Camp, New Smyrna, Orlando, Typhoon Lagoon, etc. I had an amazing time with my family and can’t wait to reunite in the Sunshine State again.
fl collageMelody and me.


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