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Posted in Uncategorized by MW on March 31, 2013

A wedding and then some…

20130331-175937.jpg    20130331-175945.jpg

20130331-175856.jpg    20130331-175902.jpg

20130331-180005.jpg    20130331-180020.jpg

We rarely get to enjoy a wedding in the Bay Area and when we do go to one it’s mostly, always fancy (my fave). Jared and I got celebrate the marriage of his friend Hank and Gina. Jared met Hank climbing at Indian Rock about three years ago and they’ve climbed almost every week since. The wedding was at the Cordevalle resort in San Martin – it was beautiful with green covered hills and millions of humming birds. The ceremony was sweet and the bride and groom looked amazing. They served  brunch for the meal and pie to follow – that’s only like the greatest combination of all time. It was great and we’re so happy for them!

After the wedding we drove down to Capitola and spent some time on the beach. (We mostly slept because we stayed up the night before watching the Hobbit – sooo boring.) It was wonderful taking in that sea air and watching people make cabins out of beach wood. We dined at Pleasure Pizza, a local surf eatery, and later watched the surfers trying to catch any wave possible. It was such a nice day and so much fun.

p.s. Yes, why is there a picture of a sink? This may sound so whisky tango, but Cordevalle is extremely fancy and the bathrooms come with individual towels to dry your hands – no paper towels here. I thought it was so ritzy and had to take a pic. I’m seriously a mountain girl.


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  1. Brittney said, on April 1, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    omg. Aly just got a place in Capitola and I am basically going to move in with her… because seriously. so beautiful.

    Pleasure Pizza doesn’t sound too bad either 😉

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