Ladies & Gentlemen

A Manly-Man

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on May 28, 2012


I think you’re cute when you call me “dude” because you’re really excited about something (like gear or mountains). I appreciate you carrying my back-pack for five minutes while I pouted about being hungry and tired. I’m glad you’re older and (sometimes) teach me how to be an adult. I’m grateful that you’re more patient than me and you like to keep things in perfect condition. I love that you think Glee is our thing and you watch every episode with me. I think it’s amazing that you can stand cold conditions and you’ve climbed the Palisades, and Shasta, and Whitney and…..

I love you a lot and think you’re a hunk.

Photo: It was extremely hot and we just came back from the beach. He doesn’t normally ride in the car without a shirt, although he wishes he could.


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