Ladies & Gentlemen


Posted in Uncategorized by MW on May 11, 2012

Berkeley and I have not always gotten along. There was that one time this homeless person cornered me in the bookstore, that time I got a $235 ticket for not obeying the crosswalk on Telegraph, the instance where I lived in a living room and paid $750 for rent. Though there were major adjustments I had some help getting through. The week before our move I was able to reconnect with all the people who made living in Berkeley great:
I: Sharon
(Why didn’t I take a picture?…ugh. Well she looks like surfer Barbie, but way cooler.)
She is one of the sweetest people I know. She grew up in Berkeley, has travelled to Australia, worked for Lucas Films and found love in Seattle. I think she is so cool and I can literally talk to her for hours. I am so glad we could share an apartment together. She is getting married soon and I am so happy for her!
II: Katie

Oh my, this lady is one of a kind and has a smile that can light up Oakland. I feel she’s been everywhere and tried (almost) everything once. Her family lives on a farm, she knows the best places to eat, she’s always down for a good time, and I love talking to her over yogurt. She’s a happy duck and I wish her luck for what’s to come.
III: Meg

Fate knew we had to be friends and so our ward put us together as visiting teaching partners. She’s honest and sweet and most of all she loves good food just as much as I do…maybe more. I can talk to her about anything and I know she would help me whenever I ask (eg: taking me to the hospital, oh my, thank you again). She’s amazing and I can only see great things for her in the future.
IV: Danielle
(Pretend this is a picture of us putting together your desk – that was a fun day.)
Good luck with the job, you’re such a friendly person. You are always happy and I will miss your energy. I’m so glad I was able to meet you. Working with you my last two weeks was so fun and it made me leaving a bit more sad. I’ll miss our lunch breaks talking about Glee and Laguna Beach. Oh, you’re great!
I have met so many wonderful people in this city and I’m sad they won’t be as close. I know, I know, we’re only an hour and a half away, but it’s still far.


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