Ladies & Gentlemen

Dancing Queen

Posted in Uncategorized by MW on October 31, 2010

Combine Roe Lounge in San Francisco, LSI students, and lots of dancing.
Product: the most fun Halloween I’ve ever had.

B: If you could play any character in a totally legitimate/awesome rendition of any movie, musical, or play, who would it be and why? Bonus: your pick of co-stars.

M: I choose Sophie from Mamma Mia! Firstly, I love musicals and this one has a disco/love theme (hello Abba). Secondly, her wedding dress is amazing in the 2008 version so I would keep that the same, but I would change up the cast: My dads would be Costner, this guy I saw on the BART, and Liam Neeson; my love interest would be…(the “off-limits” boy I tell you about almost every time I see you)…I would keep Meryl and add the cast of Glee as my friends. “Honey I’m still free, take a chance on me!”


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