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Posted in As Reported by MW on July 19, 2009

Laurel Ulrich, author of “Good Wives”, has given me insight and moderate enlightenment into a realm that is underdeveloped, but has potential for increased exposure. Though ambiguous, the last sentence should strike a chord of intrigue: Ulrich writes about the lives of women from 1650-1750. Why? Although one might view lives of homemaking, Indian scalping, and assuming the role of deputy husband mundane, the truth of the matter is, the women in the 17th and 18th century shaped society and assumed power when necessary. This book is great. My favorite quote would have to be from the section entitled “Eve.” Anne Bradstreet; child bearer, wife, economic consultant, butcher, neighbor, poet :

Here sits our Grandame in retired place,
And in her lap, her bloody Cain new born,
The weeping Imp oft looks her in the face,
Bewails his unknown hap, and fate forlorn;
His mother sighs, to think of paradise.
And how she lost her bliss, to be more wise.

This simply states the condition of Eve after she left the Garden of Eden, how she sacrificed the lower law to obey the higher. Reality of the average is much more unique than one thought.


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  1. dolly and teddy tell it like it is said, on July 30, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    i am not compassionate towards bugs.
    i will resend your letter, because the postman sent it back to me.
    i will not say my goodbyes to summer too quickly,
    or mourne the loss of this golden yellow friend who comes for a short time and then leaves me with freckles and whatnot.
    off to the ocean, feelin the motion. hope you are well and fed and content.

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